The media presentation on 16 August. (DPMB)
In the Slovak capital, Bratislava, the first of a new batch of Skoda trams can be seen on the streets undergoing testing. 
29T3 ForCity Plus 7431 was delivered in August and given its permit to take to the streets on 28 August. A press presentation at Jurajov Dvor depot took place on 16 August alongside a new trolleybus from the same manufacturer. However the two vehicles were built in different factories. The trolleybus came from the Skoda works in Plzen, but the tram was built by Skoda Ekova, a factory in the former tramway workshops in the Czech city of Ostrava (that was previously used by the former Inekon manufacturer). 
The Skoda 29T3 is similar to the 30 29T2 that were delivered from Plzen in 2015-2016 , but incorporate changes under the skin, including a new braking system from DAKO-CZ, a stronger front structure due to stricter safety standards and coloured seating to highlight spaces for passengers with reduced mobility. The testing programme includes 7000km without passengers and 7000km with passengers. 
Bratislava’s trams started running in 1895 and the metre-gauge system today covers 42km with five lines and a fleet of 211 trams including 115 Tatras from the days when Slovakia was part of Czechoslovakia. 
The media presentation on 16 August. (DPMB
The media presentation on 16 August. (DPMB) 
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