Bulgarian capital buys eight modern metro trains from Škoda Group
Škoda Group has been awarded a contract to deliver eight metro trains to the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The value of the contract exceeds EUR 65 million. The production of four-car trains for the carrier Metropoliten EAD will take place at the group's production sites in Ostrava and Pilsen. Conceptually, the metro is a continuation of the one delivered to Warsaw, however, the Sofia one will be equipped with air conditioning. The new vehicles will enter service in 2026 and will run on lines 1, 2 and 4. This is not the first time Škoda is delivering vehicles to Bulgaria. Since 2010, the group has delivered 210 trolleybuses to five Bulgarian cities. 
“We are very proud to deliver new, modern, and spacious metro trains to the people of Sofia. After Warsaw in Poland, the Bulgarian capital is the next destination for our metro. We have extensive experience with the metro, having previously modernised the Prague metro and supplied complete traction equipment for the subways in Kiev, Budapest and also in South Korea,” says Zdeněk Sváta, President Region Central East at Škoda Group. “This success highlights our expertise in public transport. We offer a complete portfolio of environmentally friendly vehicles for public transport. I am confident that, based on this cooperation, we will establish a strong relationship with Metropoliten EAD that will support the future development of Sofia's public transport system. I strongly believe that the Sofia metro trains will exceed expectations and further strengthen our reputation as a reliable partner in urban mobility solutions,” he adds. 
“The opening of the new metro station, located between Slivnica and Obelia stations, will shorten the running interval of trains on the second metro line, which is necessary due to the increased passenger flow during peak hours. This, together with the necessary partial reduction of peak intervals on lines 1 and 4, will be made possible by the 8 new trains. To ensure the future efficient operation of lines 1, 2 and 4, it is expected that the start of operation of the new station will take place simultaneously with the delivery of the aforementioned Škoda trains,” says Stoyan Braotev, Executive Director of Metropoliten EAD. 
Bulgarian capital buys eight modern metro trains from Škoda Group
Škoda Group has been awarded a contract to deliver eight metro trains to the Bulgarian capital Sofia. This is the Škoda Varsovia metro from which the metro train for Sofia is based. 
The Sofia metro carries more than one million passengers a day, who will soon be able to use modern 80-metre trains from Škoda Group for their journeys. In the Bulgarian capital, the metro also runs partly on the surface, for which the vehicle design is adapted. Given the warm climate of the region, the new vehicles will be equipped with powerful air conditioning, ensuring high comfort even during the warm summer months. Of course, two wheelchair compartments are provided to guarantee accessibility and comfortable transport for all persons. 
The trains will be equipped with a safety system with automatic speed control. This system ensures a safe journey on the route by regulating the speed of traffic and preventing trains from catching up. The trains will be powered by traction three-phase asynchronous motors, with recuperation - i.e., returning electricity back to the power grid - used during braking. The metro trains for Sofia will be manufactured at the Škoda Group's production sites in Ostrava and Pilsen. The Sofia metro operates on a standard gauge of 1 435 mm and is powered via a contact (third) rail. The power supply is DC, and the nominal voltage is 750 ± 250 V. The design speed of the new trains is 90 km/h. 
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