Moskva driverless tram. (Moskva Metro)
For some months the operator of the Moskva tramway, Moskva Metro, has been experimenting within the depot area of a tram equipped for driverless operation. 
On 23 May the experimental tram, 2021 PK Transportnye System 71-911EM 30630, appeared on the streets for the first time, with a driver on board but operating without driver input to the controls 90% of the time as it ran on the street track of line 10. 
In a second stage the unmanned driving system will take over the management and decision making functions, with the driver monitoring and validating the actions of the electronics. 
Test rides with passengers on board will start on line 10 from Ulitsa Kulakova to Schukinskaya metro station in 2025. By 2027 the goal is to provide fully driverless operation with passengers, but no driver on board. It is estimated that 80% of the city tram fleet could operate in this way in due course. 
The four-axle tram is equipped with advanced LIDAR systems, providing accurate location data and a 360-degree view. The tram anticipates obstacles and stops in time if someone steps on to the tracks. 
The software has been developed by Moskva Metro specialists without involving external companies. 
Moskva driverless tram. (Moskva Metro)
Moskva Driverless tram (Moskva Metro) 
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