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A new proposal for an eight year, USD 1.45bn levy to fund transportation safety and maintenance in Seattle. The propsal has been shaped by community feedback who informed policy makers that they wanted a reliable, safe and connected transportation system. 
The proposal builds on existing plans that Seattle residents have helped shape including the Seattle Transportation Plan and the One Seattle Plan. Key highlights include investing USD 27M in citywide projects designed to improve bus reliability, access and safety, USD 3M in increasing transit rider safety and security as well as USD 115M to make transit improvements on the streets and imporve access to Link Light Rail stations and advance key partnerships to form future Link Light Rail stations. 
'After a month of consultation with the public, Mayor Harrell has made the Transportation Levy proposal even better with additional investments in walking, biking and transit.' said Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) Director Greg Spotts. 
The Seattle City Council will review the proposal and consider referral to the voters in November 2024.  
Seattle's Mayor has unveiled an eight-year, $1.45 billion levy proposal to support various light rail projects (NOMO) 
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