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A 1 month -old kitten was hitching a ride on the rails , a fellow train passenger spotted the furry stowaway, a California rescue says.  
The concerned passenger alerted the train operator after seeing the tiny kitten travelling alone on Los Angeles' Metro C Line. Metro staff then brought the kitten to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals adoption centre in Hawthorne.  
On arrival, the kitten was judged to be 'in good health' despite being very hungry.  
The mostly white tabby kitten, since named Eloise, will be placed in a foster home for about 4 weeks until she is old enough for adoption. 
"Eloise serves as a reminder to be compassionate to our furry friends, even in unexpected places. While her origins remain a mystery, her future is clear: a permanent, loving home where she can thrive and bring joy to those around her,' said Madeline Bernstein, the rescue's president. 
The C Line (formerly the Green Line from 1995 to 2020) is a 19.3-mile (31.1 km) light rail line within Los Angeles County, California. It is one of six lines forming the Los Angeles Metro Rail system and opened on August 12, 1995. 
Eloise the kitten was found on the train by a concerned passenger (Sean Lamb) 
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