The planned Stadt-Umland-Bahn for Erlangen. (StUB
9 June not only saw elections to the European Parliament but also local referenda in two German cities to determine the future of new tramway schemes. 
In Regensburg in south-east Germany (population 175 000) voters were asked to give a verdict on a future tramway for a city that gave up trams in 1964. Preliminary planning has been in progress since 2018, with the city council voting in 2023 to put a two-line project before the local voters for approval. 
In results awaiting final confirmation, 53.6% of the authorised voters chose No against 46.4% for Yes. Mayor Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer expressed her disappointment and said an historic opportunity had been missed. The results will be reported to the City Council. 
In Erlangen the project for approval was a 26km Stadtbahn line linking the Am Wegfeld terminus of Nürnberg (Nuremberg) tram line 4 to the centre of Erlangen and west to Herzogenaurach on the alignment of a closed railway. The latter’s voters had already given their approval with a 75% Yes; now Erlangen residents gave a 52.4% Yes vote to the project, that has been in planning since 2016. 
The Stadt-Umland-Bahn is estimated to cost EUR 635M and the referendum means that all three local authorisers (Nürnberg, Erlangen, Herzogenaurach) can find their 10% contribution, with 90% coming from the federal and state governments. There are tentative plans for a future phase II from Erlangen east to Eckental. 
The planned Stadt-Umland-Bahn for Erlangen. (StUB
The planned Stadt-Umland-Bahn for Erlangen. (StUB) 
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