The first modernised Siemens Combino (503) in Poznań. MPK Poznań
The first of MPK Poznań’s 14 five-section Siemens Combino trams to undergo mid-life refurbishment re-entered service in the Polish city on 16 February. 
The PLN53.4m (EUR11.3m) two-year modernisation contract was awarded to Polish rail specialist Saatz’s facility in Grudziądz, which in turn subcontracted Enika of Łódź to replace electrical systems on the 29.4m trams originally delivered in 2003. Saatz has recently completed a similar modernisation project for Škoda 16T low-floor trams in Wrocław. 
The programme includes electrical and mechanical upgrades, including braking and traction systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, wheel flange lubrication and door mechanisms, as well as improvements to cab equipment and LED lighting throughout. 
One of the 14 Combinos will also trial a new roof-mounted photovoltaic panel array to power some of the tram’s onboard systems. This fitment is to be paid for by Saatz as it evaluates the installation for future tram rebuilds. MPK Poznań is hoping that the results will also inform its future specifications for new rolling stock. 
The modernised cars can be recognised by a new paintscheme which features dark grey window surrounds, and a video surveillance system to aid the driver. 
The first modernised Siemens Combino (503) in Poznań. MPK Poznań
The first modernised Siemens Combino (503) in Poznań. MPK Poznań 
Poznań has 16 tram routes, operating from three depots. The system’s total length is around 66km (41 miles) and is currently being extended. 
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