A warsaw HyundaiRotem tram on the new line. (Group Murator)
On 14 May the 2.1km tramway line 11 extension from Goworka to Sielce (Czerniakowska) was opened to passenger traffic; there was a ceremony with the mayor at 08.00. 
This is the first stage of a longer extension to Wilanów and Branickiego in the southern suburbs expected to open in September, though the new line partly forms a branch. 
The new terminus is a stub, requiring double-ended HyundaiRotem trams. The line incorporates a section with a 3.98% gradient, Warszawa’s steepest. 
The new section was built by Egis Poland at a cost of PLN 4.34M, with work starting on May 2022. 
Trams last ran in this area in 1973. 
A warsaw HyundaiRotem tram on the new line. (Group Murator
A Warsaw HyundaiRotem tram on the new line. (Group Murator) 
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