Belpasso metro works inauguarted
Work has started on the 11.5 km Misterbianco-Paternò metro section.  
There are 5 stations that will be built (Gullotta, Belpasso, Valcorrente, Giaconia and Paternò). Half of the electrified route will be in tunnels and, in addition, the project includes the construction of two warehouses and an office building.  
The entire metro line, a total of 30 kilometers long with 27 stations, will connect the territories of Paternò, Belpasso, Misterbianco and Catania with Fontanarossa airport. 
"We are making up for years of delays," said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Matteo Salvini, who were present for the ceremony. "The underground subway will save time and money and will also be less impactful from an environmental point of view." 
On the occasion, the much-talked-about Bridge over the Strait of Messina was also discussed, work on which should start in the summer of this year. 
Belpasso new metro line inauguarted
Work on the Misterbianco-Paterno section of Metro inaugurated (CT) 
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