San Francisco cable car ‘big’ 19 on a test run. (Muni
The 150th anniversary of cable-car operation in the Californian city of San Francisco was marked on 13 June when invited guests took a ride on 1883 Sacramento–Clay car ‘big’19 (there is also a modern car 19 dating from 1986). 
On the anniversary date of 2 August history re-enactors will portray notable San Franciscans from 150 years ago and there was to be a lunch honouring inventor Andrew Hallidie and Friedel Klussmann whose 1947 campaign saved the system, also Mayor Dianne Feinstein who led the rebuilding of the system 40 years ago. 
Car 19 should be in service on Saturdays through to late September. There is a USD 13 all-Muni day pass available on the Muni Mobile smartphone app. For more details see 
The cable car system is the only one left operating as a public transit service with three lines calling 8.3km (5.1 miles) carrying about 5.7M passengers/year on 27 cars. 
San Francisco cable car ‘big’ 19 on a test run. (Muni) 
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