Tram on Moscow Metro
Since its official opening in March this year, line 11 of the Moscow Metro or the Big Circle Line has seen more than 53 million passengers.  
According to the Department of Transport, more than 1 million trips are made each day by commuters and the biggest number was recorded on April 21 – almost 1.08 million. 
With options to pay by card or make biometric payments within the stations, ticketless options are proving popular amongst passengers. There are also plans to open the Faster Payments System which would allow passengers to pay by phone. 
Passengers of Moscow Metro enjoying contactless features
BCL commuters enjoying ticketless travel - (Moscow Metro) 
Moscow Metro tram on Big Circle Line
Moscow Metro Tram on the Big Circle Line - (Moscow Metro) 
‘The demand for the Big Circle Line shows its importance for the city. As new convenient routes appear, more and more Muscovites prefer urban transport. We see that the number of cars on the road has dropped by 15-17 thousand,’ said Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport. 
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