Brno 1761 at the city’s central railway station. (A. Thompson)
Škoda has supplied the last of the five initially-ordered type 45T LRVs (1764) to Brno, the Czech Republic’s second city. 
The first one had been delivered to the tramway system in October and then entered revenue service in December 2022 on the new branch of line 8 to Campus Bohunice, that features a stub terminus. 
Although these three-section 31m double-ended, air-conditioned, 100% low-floor trams were only used sparingly during the winter and spring, they have now entered fleet deployment as of the summer. They cost CZK 48M each and have 64 seats with space for 135 standing. each is equipped with 8 x 70kW motors and has a top service speed of 70km/h. 
In March 2023, the municipal transport company DPMB made use of one of its contract options and ordered a further 15 type 45T from Škoda. These are to be delivered in three small series of five vehicles each in 2023, 2024 and 2025. 
Brno 1761 at the city’s central railway station. (A. Thompson
Brno 1761 at the city’s central railway station. (A. Thompson) 
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