The InnoTram in Darmstadt. (CMarquordt
HEAG, the transport operator in the German city of Darmstadt, has re-equipped a 2007 eight-axle Bombardier tram to demonstrate driver assistance systems and remote-controlled operation. This is part of a research project with partners the Technical University of Darmstadt, Alstom and Deutsche Telekom called MAAS (Feasibility Study for Automation and Assistance Systems for Trams).  
The tram was presented to the media on 3 May and indeed made several circuits of the depot without a driver at the controls. However teleoperation of trams is not yet permitted on public streets, but has potential for shunting in depots. 
The tram has been equipped with sensors, radar and stereo/infrared cameras that can detect obstacles and anticipate when braking is needed by looking up to 100m ahead. These have been tried elsewhere, but new is Side-Guard-Assist that recognises whether there is a cyclist, pedestrian or motor vehicle in the blind spot so braking takes place before an accident occurs. This has been developed in co-operation with the Continental Engineering Company (a subsidiary of the tyre manufacturer). 
The tram has been given a new blue livery and is called Innotram. 
The InnoTram in Darmstadt. (CMarquordt
The InnoTram in Darmstadt. (CMarquordt) 
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