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Despite persistent rumours of a hidden burial site in Lawndale, plans were still going ahead for the 4.5 mile Metro C extension to Torrance which was due to be built through the area. Thanks to this discovery, and more like it along the proposed route, this could delay Metro's plans or force them to reconsider the route in its entirety. 
The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority had hoped to finalize a route by next month and complete it by 2033, but the discovery could force officials to re-examine the routes. The vote to determine the route is now scheduled for next year. 
"If it is confirmed the potential burial site is on Metro property, Metro would use on-call archeological and paleontological experts to determine if there are human remains," Metro spokesperson Patrick Chandler said in an emailed statement. "If human remains are discovered, Metro will follow the California Health and Safety Code provisions and provide updated information on any further investigations that are necessary." 
An obituary in the Venice Evening Standard on Dec. 17, 1951, said Hoffman was born in Santa Monica, grew up in Venice and was a "well known youth leader" who was active in the Jewish service organization B'nai B'rith. He had a wife named Shirlee and a 9-month-old son named Ronald. He died at Veterans Hospital and his services were held at Hillside Memorial Park, the Jewish cemetery in Culver City. An application to the government, filed by Shirlee for a flat granite marker, also lists Hillside as his cemetery. 
A headstone of WWII veteran Earl Hoffman was uncovered in the backyard of a Lawndale home (KTLA5) 
How the marker ended up seven miles away in Lawndale is unclear. 
"This is bizarre," said Cory Cohen, 65, Hoffman's nephew. "I thought this was an AI scam. In our mind, he has been buried at Hillside since two days after he passed away." 
The extension has been long disputed by the residents of Lawnsdale and Metro have alternative routes which may be under consideration in the future. 
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