Leipzig NG12+ mock-up. (LVB
Leipzig NG12+ mock-up. (LVB
Leipzig NG12+ mock-up. (LVB) 
In 2019 the three German cities of Leipzig, Zwickau and Görlitz launched a joint tender for new trams under the project ‘Saxon Platform - Tram of the Future’. 
The joint tender offered many advantages in technical and economic terms. All trams are based on a similar platform, but are individualised for the different transport companies. 
In late 2021 the order was placed with LEIWAG, a consortium of Leipzig rolling stock builder HeiterBlick GmbH and electrical supplier Kiepe. Leipzig is getting 25 45m single-ended cars (65% low-floor), with options for up to 130 in total. Görlitz will get eight 30m trams with an option for a further 6, and Zwickau is taking six 30m trams with an option for up to 12 more. The Leipzig trams will be 2.4m wide and the others 2.3m wide. Deliveries will start in 2024. 
For Leipzig this is the largest tram project in LVB’s history (previous orders have been for Stadler-Solaris NGT10 in 2017-2022) and will replace the remaining high-floor Tatra sets as well as starting to replace the DWA NGT8 partly low-floor trams dating from 1994-1996. 
The new air-conditioned trams will be classed NGT12+ and carry 288 passengers (92 seated). The Leipzig Stadtfest on Augustusplatz on 3/4 June gave LVB the opportunity to unveil a full-size mock-up of the front end and first passenger bay of the new tram design. 
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