A Liberec tram awaiting overhaul by Skoda Group in Ostrava
Škoda Group will make a general overhaul of another eight trams for the Transport Company of Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou (DPMLJ). The general overhaul concerns four T3R.PLF and four T3R.PV trams. The projects will be realized in 2024 and 2025 at the Škoda Group's production site in Martinov, Ostrava. The total value of the contract amounts to EUR 2.7 million. Škoda Group has long experience in repairing and modernising public transport vehicles and this is the second contract of a similar type for DPMLJ. 
The contract for the repair and modernisation of eight T3 trams extends the original contract for the repair of six T3 tram car bodies from 2022, which is currently running in Ostrava. The overhaul covers a range of activities, including complete stripping and blasting of metal parts, replacement of damaged or corroded components, repair of door wings and replacement of air ducts. The interior of the vehicles will also be refurbished, with the complete overhaul of the tables, seats, and dashboards in the driver's cab. 
The project to modernise eight vehicles will be carried out in 2024 and 2025 and the total value of the contract is EUR 2.7 million. The repair and modernisation work will be carried out at the Škoda Group's site in Martinov, Ostrava, where work is being carried out on a number of tram orders for both the Czech and foreign markets. 
Modernisation and repair of public transport vehicles is a popular option for transport companies as it provides an efficient and economical solution compared to the purchase of completely new trams. A major advantage of modernising trams through comprehensive repairs is a significant increase in reliability and safety. Upgraded trams undergo thorough inspections and refurbishments to ensure that they meet the highest standards of performance and passenger comfort. By improving safety features and optimising systems, refurbished trams contribute to a safer and more efficient public transport network. 
A Liberec tram awaiting overhaul by Skoda Group in Ostrava
A Liberec tram awaiting overhaul by Skoda Group in Ostrava (Skoda trams) 
“One of our main strengths is our broad experience in modernisation. We have already seen the positive impact of refurbished vehicles on the quality of life of citizens. The new vehicles significantly improve the safety and sustainability of transport,” said Marek Herbst, Senior Vice President of Service at Škoda Group. “This order is just another one in a row for the overhaul of vehicle car bodies for Liberec. I am glad that we can participate in a project that aims to create a more sustainable and healthier public transport system while bringing a better travel experience to the citizens of Liberec.” 
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