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The Tramway Principes and Guidance (TPG1) document which was first published by the Office of Rail and Road more than a decade ago has been comprehensively reviewed by sector experts. 
Following an extensive consultation process, the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board (LRSSB) has made more than 200 amendments to the original document. 
While minor chnges have been made to the document in the past few years, this update aimsw to being what is widely considered as the 'bible' of tramway safety into line with modern guidance. 
Carl Williams, LRSSB Chief Exercutive said, 'The re-issue of TPG1 marks the completion of a major project to streamline the document, signposting colleagues to further guidance on specific topics that can be updated on a more regular basis. 
Clearly setting out the obligations and responsibilties of owners, operators and maintainers of light rail systems, the latest version of TPG1 marks another significant step towards fufilling our mission of ensuring our tramways are as safe as they can possibly be.' 
To learn more and to join the industry wide discussions surrounding tram safety standards, make sure that you attend the UK Light Rail Conference this July in Leeds. With a range of speakers from across the UK, European and Global LRT sector addressing the key topics relevant to the industry, this is an event not to be missed. 
The LRSSB have reviewed and updated the Tramway Principles and Guidance first published more than a decade ago (LRSSB) 
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