Metro Malaga Tren
Metro Malaga have added four more trains to their fleet in order to improve frequency of service especially during peak times. 
The arrival of the Malaga Metro into the city centre has led to a huge increase in passenger numbers and these continue to increase month on month. The inclusion of these four new vehicles will mean that there will be a train running every five minutes. 
The new Urbos 100 vehicles were ordered from CAF in 2001 and the last arrived in Malaga in April 2023. Since then, they have been subject to rigorous testing and driver training.  
The new vehicles are an improvement on the current Urbos 3 units for, although they retain the same capacity of passengers, they contain new features and techniclal improvements and were designed especially for the Metro system.  
The bi-directional, articulated units have been designed with low-floors to allow easy access for people with reduced mobility, the elderly and prams. 
By Juanito23n64 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Metro Malaga Tren (Juanito23n64) 
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