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Thanks to the development of digital services, metro passengers will have the opportunity to pay for tickets with digital rubles.  
Participants of the 100 strong test group (which include employees and a number of bank clients) have already started using the systems within the pilot project. 
This is the first financial technology project to be implemented in Russian urban transport together with the Central Bank of Russia. 
Metro passengers will be able to pay for transport fares with digital roubles, along with cash and non-cash money, after the mass introduction of the digital national currency. 
'It is important for us to provide the citizens with all the most modern and relevant domestic payment services, - said Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport. 
Plans are in motion to expand the services offered and the currencies which the system can support as well as the technology to 'top-up' credit at the Metro turnstiles rather than having to search for the current yellow terminals. It is hoped that this system will prove quicker and more convienient for passengers and has already proven popular with focus groups. 
'We have 100 passengers helping us in testing. Anyone will be able to use the new function. The passenger decides whether or not to use biometrics. It is important that the system is a completely Russian development. It has a banking level of protection, and all data are encrypted, - said the Deputy Mayor. 
The Moscow Metro started testing a number of digital services, such as digital ruble, top-up of Troika transport card at the turnstiles, as well as the possibility to link the Muscovite card (personal social card) to biometrics.
The Moscow Metro has started testing a number of digital services including biometrics and paperless ticketing (Moscow Metro) 
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