Two new tram lines are being laid in Moscow's city centre (
Moscow's tram network has witnessed a remarkable increase in passenger trips with a surge of over 20% in the first few months of 2024.  
Moscow's fleet of modern trams now facilitate over 600,000 passenger trips on weekdays with a steadily growing ridership. 
Deputy Mayor for Transport Maksim Liksutov has announced the commencement of track-laying operations at the Apakov tram depot, a historic facility which is undergoing extensive reconstruction in the heart of Moscow. This work will allow for a through passage as well as circular movement within the depot grounds, eliminating unnecessary maneuvers and alleviating traffic congestion on nearby streets.  
Currently the depot is witnessing the installation of rails and composite sleepers which have been manufactured using recycled ecological materials.  
'The Apakov depot, being the city's oldest, is poised to become its most modern upon completion of this reconstruction project.' stated Liksutov. 
The city recently celebrated its tram network's 125 year anniversary and is currently building two new lines in the city centre to help relieve congestion in the city's streets as well as the busy Three Railways Stations Hub.  
March saw the launch of a driverless tram which is currently being tested in the depot. It will be able to detect vehicles, traffic signals as well as pedestrians. The tram system will also be able to predict the behaviour of vehicles and pedestrians and halt when necessary.  
Moscow's tram network is expanding. Three men completing wok on the new inner city tracks
As Moscow's trams celebrate their 125th anniversary, the city gears up for two new tram lines (Moscow Metro) 
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