San Francisco cable car ‘big’ 19 on a test run. (Muni
The Light Rail vehicles (LRV) that will carry passengers along the Eglinton Crosstown route will be controlled using a state-of-the -art techology known as automatic train control (ATC). 
The system benefits riders through increased service frequency, increased safety and faster trip times. 
The onboard controller technology transmit information regarding speed, braking distance and other important data back to the control centre in real time. Unique track markers called norming points are continually monitored to allow the control centre operators to know the location of each train. This means that they can authorise train movements, speed and braking based on the data being generated by the trains and trackside monitoring equipment. 
Although the system has no firm set date for completion, it is hoped that it will open in 2024. 
The technology is already being used successfully in Japan, Europe and on Toronto's Line 1(TTC) 
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