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The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) have released a comprehensive report on the policy intersections between housing and public transit. 
The report emphasises the important role that public transit can play in shaping housing development and affordabilty, reducing carbon emissions and equally how better co-ordination between agencies can lead to long term savings.  
The report addressed five policy themes: activating land for transit-oriented development, encouraging housing development near exisiting transit stations and properties, ensuting inclusivity, streamlining approval processes and priortising transit investments that pair housing and ridership growth. 
The conclusions were reached through a series of in-person consultation sessions with a variety of stakeholders inclusing local government, municipalities and academies amongst others. 
'Our report is not a checklist, it's a call to action,' said CUTA President Marco D'Angelo. 'With a rising population and ongoing housing supply and affordability issues, inaction is not an option.' 
Streetcar operating in Montreal, Quebec (CDPQ Infra) 
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