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The Development Director of the Tampere Tramway, Mr Ali Huttenen, has been awarded the Nordic Light Rail Prize for outstanding achievement; the prize will be presented at the Light rail Day in Tampere, Finland, on 27 May 2024. 
Tampere approved construction of a EUR 330M tramway in November 2016 after nine years of planning, and the first passengers were carried on 9 August 2021. 
As Director of the project, Mr Huttenen was responsible for the planning an implementation work to achieve the fourth new tramway to be built in Finland. The city had never had a tramway, so started from scratch to build the 16km line, and is already working on its extension. 
10M passengers have ridden the line in its first year, with 19 Skoda Transtech Arts X34 trams built in Finland. 
Mr Ali Huttenen, Development Director of Tampere tramway. (NLR) 
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