An impression of the Skoda 52T crossing one of Prague’s river bridges. (DPP
There were no objections to the results of tendering for 200 new trams for the Czech capital, so a contract between DPP and Skoda Group for the purchase of 40 single-ended 32m five-section 100% low-floor ForCity Plus 52T trams was signed on 11 January. There is an option for 160 more. 
Delivery of the first 20 (9501-20) is due to be completed by December 2025 and each tram will cost CZK 83M. If the option is exercised deliveries will run until 2032 and all high-floor trams in Praha (Prague) will be replaced. 
Each tram will carry up to 243 passengers (70 seated) in air-conditioned comfort with ecological refrigerant. Six large-screen interior information systems will be provided. 
The design of the tram combines a multi-link vehicle with swivelling bogies. Intermediate bogies are not Jacobs bogies creating a much more passable free flow throughout the car. An anti-collision system will assist the driver. The electro-mechanical braking system was chosen for its efficiency and sustainability, with lower noise levels and elimination of hydraulic fluids. There are five double-leaf doors, each 1.3m wide and the empty vehicle weights is 48t. 
Each vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 80km/h and its life cycle will span a minimum of 30 years. They will be built in Skoda’s Plzen factory. 
An impression of the Skoda 52T crossing one of Prague’s river bridges. (DPP) 
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