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Seagulls are increasingly becomeing a problem for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). Growing numbers of seagullls have decided to call the green roof of their Leslie Barnes facility home since it was installed in 2015. 
The situation causes issues not just for the workers at the facility but also for the birds and their chicks.  
Previous methods of dispersing the birds have failed such as using wires to cover the roof, covering the area in plastic and even a sprinkler system! The newest solution proposed is the use of special sound cannons. 
The cannons will emit a sound which will sound similar to a single firework exploding as many as four times a day and won't sound at all if the birds are not present. 
The TTC says, 'Each year the TTC estimates that 10,000 to 15,000 seagulls visit Leslie Barnes, resulting in unsanitary and disruptive working conditions for TTC employees. The TTC have worked with a biologist and a sound consultant to ensure the sound cannons are used safely and no seagull will be harmed in this process' 
TTC workers can be seen trying to chase seagulls away from the roof of the Leslie Barnes facility (TTC) 
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