A train on Suzhou metro line 11. (Suzhou Rail Transit)
Suzhou is a city of 6.7M in Jiangsu province, but is now part of the Greater Shanghai area. The city opened its first metro in April 2012 and now has six lines totalling 250km. 
The latest to open is the 41.3 km line 11 that started carrying revenue passengers on 24 June. The new east–west line does not reach the city centre but feeds metro line 3 at Weiting. Its eastern terminus at Huaqiao provides interchange with the western terminus of Shanghai metro line 11, so the ‘Double 11’ now permits through service between the two cities. Suzhou line 11 , which has 28 stations, uses a fleet of 35 six-car aluminium-bodied trains that can each shift up to 2098 passengers and have a top speed of 100 km/h. The fare is CNY 8.The trains are are equipped for driverless operation using the Urbanise 888 train control system. At opening there was no integrated fare system between the two systems, but this is being worked on. 
Shanghai metro line 11 with 39 stations connects through the city to Shanghai Disney Resort and is one of the world’s longest metro lines at 82.4km, with a timetabled journey time of 89 minutes. A through journey from Suzhou to the Disney resort takes about three hours. 
A train on Suzhou metro line 11. (Suzhou Rail Transit)
A train on Suzhou metro line 11. (Suzhou Rail Transit) 
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