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Toronto police say that while they stand behind an officer’s decision to ticket a TTC streetcar operator for blocking an intersection during rush hour, traffic congestion should have been considered. 
A Toronto Redditor garnered attention for a post shared on the platform alleging that a Toronto police officer ticketed the TTC streetcar operator for blocking the busy intersection, causing over a dozen other streetcars to be held up as a result. 
“If you’re familiar with this stretch during rush hour, it’s almost impossible for the streetcar to move because single-occupancy cars keep turning into the very short intersections,” the Redditor and original poster wrote. 
A Toronto police spokesperson said its officer had grounds for issuing the now-controversial ticket. 
“The officer issued a ticket to the streetcar for stopping mid-intersection and blocking southbound traffic,” the spokesperson wrote in an email. “While the officer was justified in laying the ticket, we recognize rush hour traffic could have been considered in this case.” 
The current fine for “blocking the box” — or blocking an intersection in Toronto — is $85, but the city wants to see that bumped up to $450. 
Officer tickets TTC streetcar operator for blocking Toronto intersection during rush hour (WikiCommons) 
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