Tram Operations Limited has had the pleasure of contributing financally for the last five years to support The Community Family Project. In 2023, Tram Operations Limited gave a smaller gift to guests at the Global Light Rail Awards, to enable them to make another financial donation to help make a difference in its local community. Ben Groome, Managing Director of TOL, gives us the full information... 
Just before Christmas 2023, we visited New Addington Baptist Church to deliver the donation from our table gift and collection at the Global Light Rail Awards. This is a local charity that we have supported for the last six years, although this year we have done something in addition to our normal contribution. 
We went along to give an addition donation of £2000, along with three boxes of contributions for the food parcels that they send out to the families of New Addington. The boxes also contained toys and chocolates for the children as we approached Christmas.  
The money for this was raised through our sponsorship of the Global Light Rail Awards. This year, rather than buy the traditional table gift for the guests, we decided to give the guests packets of seeds in recognition of the flower and vegetable garden that the project has created. The money that was left over from the cost of the gifts was then donated. On the night, we also raised an additional £400 thorugh donations from guests at the event, bringing the total up to £2000. 
Vic Overton from New Addington Baptist Church said: 'We are delighted and overwhelmed to have received such a generous cheque from TOL, to hear from Ben that people contributed from across the world is truly amazing. This money will make a huge difference to the community of New Addington. We would like to say thank you to everyone.' 
The Global Light Rail Awards is very proud to be the platform within which TOL found an opportunity to raise money for this fantastic cause and we hope TOL raise even more during this year's event! 
To learn more about the awards and how you can be a part of this Global gathering of the very best in Light Rail, visit our dedicated event page here
The project has been helping families and individuals in New Addington, Croydon, since its launch in 1999. Learn more here. 
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