In the pursuit of a sustainable future, the adoption of light rail systems stands as a pivotal strategy for cities aiming to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, and this was a key topic at the European Light Rail Congress. Insights from yesterday’s panel discussion at the European Light Rail Congress featuring esteemed experts in the field—James Hammett (UKTram), Tim Burleigh (Eversholt), Jorge Maroto (Metro de Sevilla), and Christophe Sanguina (Keolis)—offered a comprehensive discussion on accelerating light rail adoption in this critical net zero era. 
The key question up for discussion was the following: How can we speed up light rail adoption in the era of net zero? 
Their discussions shed light on the essential steps and strategies needed, from technological innovations and strategic communication to policy support and infrastructure development. Incorporating direct quotes from these figures, the following blog summarises the path forward, emphasising the multifaceted approach required to enhance the role of light rail in achieving sustainable urban mobility and net-zero goals. 
Thanks to Pre-Metro Operations for creating this insightful and useful document based around the topics and themes discussed though the debate session... 
You can access the whole original article by clicking here 
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