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Dinner at the Roundhouse 2022 raised almost £12,000 to support Royal School of the Deaf to help them create the best learning experiences possible for their profoundly deaf students. Six months after the event, we visited to see just what impact the generous donations of the rail industry had on the school and its students.... 
Nestled close to the heart of Derby City Centre, Royal School of the Deaf provides a unique service to the deaf community in Derby and across the UK. The school has existed in Derby for many years – since 1893 in fact - and has always provided a safe environment for generations of deaf students to learn, grow and develop. 
The school has a primary school, a secondary school and a sixth form college all on site and makes special provisions for their students including a special audiology booth, soundproofing against all walls and plenty of natural light. 
The money raised last October has been earmarked for the primary school and is being used to create a special ‘forest school’. This means that the old play equipment and climbing frames will be replaced by all new wooden, state-of-the-art, play equipment. As well as this, there will be access to mud kitchens, den building kits, an outdoor library and even a castle for the students to play in. It will be a wonderful surprise when the children return in September to see all the new equipment and experiences which they will be able to access. 
What’s next? The school would really like to refurbish the residence blocks in which their boarders currently reside. They aim to modernise and replace the kitchen areas, create a patio area with a canopy in which to host BBQ’s and to also to create a special cinema room in which the community can gather and enjoy each other’s company. 
Some of the exisiting early years play equipement which will be replaced in the upgrade over the summer. 
We raised lots of money for the school last year and, this year, we are hoping to raise even more. How? If you are attending the event, then we have donation envelopes available on the tables. We also have an online silent auction which will have everything from exotic holidays to excusive sports memorabilia available to win. More details and links to the auction page will follow soon… 
Help us continue to support the school in its aim to create a thriving environment for deaf young people and to, once again, raise the money needed to transform their experiences. 
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